Decades of tight lines

We combine personalized service and high-end amenities with an unforgettable fishing experience. It all adds up to nearly 40 years of lifelong memories.

EPL Culture

A brief history

m.EPL History

It’s an out-of-the-way place, but Wales Island has often been the centre of international attention. It makes for a fascinating history that we’re happy to share with guests.

Wales Island is named in memory of William Wales, the astronomer on Captain James Cook’s Resolution voyage (1772–1775).

Boundary dispute between U.S. and Canada intensifies. U.S. builds 4 stone houses (one on Wales Island) to lay claim to Portland Canal.

Wales Island Canning Company establishes a cannery on island.

U.S. and Great Britain sign Boundary Treaty; Wales Island is deemed Canadian territory.

Canadian Fishing Company closes the cannery; the site is used to service its fleet on the northern fishing grounds.

Cannery site is purchased.

Lodge is built in Prince George, then taken apart and shipped to Wales Island where it is reassembled.

The land we live and work on

Eagle Pointe Lodge is situated in the unceded territory of the Tsimshian Peoples of the Northwest Coast. The lodge has always had a relationship with the local Tsimshian Community of Lax Kwa’laams (Port Simpson) and continues to provide mariner support to all Indigenous Peoples, from the Tsimshian, Nisga’a, Tlingit, Haida whom frequent the guiding territory. It is an honour for our Company to work on the territory, support local employment and continue to build respectful relationships in this era of reconciliation.

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Creature comforts

We are privileged to share Wales Island with our guests as well as bears, eagles and deer. Their presence serves to remind us that every day up here is a gift.

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Work with us

Our work season runs from April to September. We always want to hear from dedicated and enthusiastic people who have experience in guest services, food preparation and guiding.

If that’s you, send us a cover letter and your resume.

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