Eagle Pointe Lodge got its start in 1986 on an old cannery site. Built on the mainland, the lodge was then dismantled and the logs loaded onto a barge in the order they would be offloaded. Amid inclement weather and the complexities of building on a remote island, construction took six years. Since then, Eagle Pointe Lodge has changed ownership twice and undergone many enhancements. Here's a brief history of the area and the lodge.


As a result of the 1825 Treaty, the as-yet-unnamed Wales Island is considered part of Alaska and therefore belongs to Russia

The United States purchases Alaska

Wales Island gets named after William Wales, the astronomer on Captain James Cook’s 1772-1775 Resolution voyage


Wales Island Canning Company builds a cannery on the north side of the island

The Boundary Treaty is finalized, establishing Wales Island as part of Canada

The Canadian Fishing Company purchases the cannery

The Canadian Fishing Company closes the plant, and the site becomes a boat and net station servicing the fleet on the northern fishing grounds

Only the warehouse and less than two dozen structures remain on the site, left to be demolished or become derelict

The land is purchased and construction of Eagle Pointe Lodge begins

Construction is complete

The lodge changes ownership


A fleet of Skagit Orcas is purchased

The lodges changes ownership again

Winter 2009
Wells for clean drinking water are installed

Winter 2009/Spring 2010
The dock, its buildings and its pilings are built

Spring 2010
The aluminum walkway from the main lodge steps to the dock buildings is added

May 2011
Anticipated completion of a 5-room addition to main lodge

Summer 2011
Main lodge renovations completed and gazebo and walkway constructed

Winter 2013
Additional main lodge renovations continue with bathroom remodeling and interior upgrades through the lodge.

Winter 2014
New front patio and Jacuzzi hot tub have been installed. A sauna has also be added under the new patio. Various interior and exterior upgrades continue to the lodge for a superior guest experience.

Winters 2017 & 18
Complete kitchen and staff dining area upgrade. Various main lodge interior upgrades. New walkway out to the Pointe cabin. Upgrades to the gazebo area. New concrete dock with new guest dry room/maintenance building on it